Said a motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, life coach and self-help author to a full studio audience on the Dr Oz show. Tony Robbins is a successful businessman and a renowned life coach whose self-help books have helped many transform their lives. Admittedly, I am not a fan of these self-help people because I think they use a psychology mechanism, a mind controlling tool much like hypnotism, to get people to listen, believe and do exactly as they instruct. That’s just my opinion.

Nonetheless, I am a fan of the Dr Oz show because every episode feels like a biology class, a much interesting one equipping me with tools I can use in my everyday life to live healthier and ultimately better. Because of that, I decided to not change channels when this man was introduced and kept on watching. To my surprise, I was glad I did. Although I haven’t completely changed my view on these so called “life coaches”, I liked and completely related to what Tony said. So much that below I share three main points he spoke about on the show:

  • Create a strategy: We are capable of doing anything we want and achieving all of our goals if we just change our attitude. Now this is something that many of us have heard but do we really understand what it means? Heck, I’m not sure I understand it right now. This man is talking about having and approaching your goals with a strategy, a plan that’s proven to give you results.
  • Change your story – an example, I want to start my own business. My story need and should not be I don’t have the capital, I don’t have time to work on a business plan, I only get internet access when I’m work and that’s when I have to be doing my job, etc. Basically we need to move from excuses and only have solutions to the impediments we experience along the way. This keeps us focused and positive, that way we are able to follow through.
  • Change your state – once we have a strategy, a positive ready-to-conquer-the-world story, we change our mental and emotional state. If we tell ourselves that whatever we’re about to embark on is SO challenging and we can’t do it, then our bodies will show all the signs of a non-confident and demotivated being that just does not have the energy to do anything. So we need to tell ourselves and believe that we are capable of doing whatever it is our heart desires, so our bodies and minds and emotions will resemble such.