I always hate seeing these type of memes on social media, insinuating or rather perpetuating the stereotype that girls or women are “crazy” and “always mad about something”. I’m not denying that this is probably true for the most part. However, the insinuation that the “madness” is irrational and coming out of nowhere is quite offensive.

For every “mad” woman out there, there’s a man bullshitting her to the core. In fact, the caption here should be: how do I bullshit my woman today and make sure she doesn’t catch me, or: when a man’s been caught on bullshit and tryna get out of it by making the woman seem “crazy”. No woman, girl or anyone for that matter, wakes up in the morning thinking of ways to get upset. We all want to be happy, smiling and laughing all the time, especially with our significant others or partners. Bullshit me, honey I will get “mad” as fuck. I’ll get even more upset when you try to further bullshit me by making me feel, look and sound like I’m crazy. Men come up with these things so they won’t have to be held completely accountable for their bullshit, in turn, making the woman seem like they’re just being irrational. Stop this shit already!!